Parents' Code of Conduct:

  1. Parents will be supportive of coaches' decisions and will respect the player/coach relationship at all times.
  2. Parents will provide positive support and encouragement to, and respect for all players on the team.
  3. Parents will be respectful of all players, parents, fans, coaches and officials and will refrain from using abusive or inappropriate language when attending practices or games.
  4. Parents will offer to support the program in planned events where volunteers are needed.
  5. Parents will respect their player's responsibility to take the first step with their coach in discussing any issue/conflict that might arise for them on the team (including amount of playing time). Only after a player has attempted to first deal with their issue directly, will a parent approach a coach to discuss the issue. Any parent interaction with a coach shall be conducted privately, courteously and respectfully. If the parent believes that an issue still has not been resolved after speaking directly with a coach, they can set up a time to meet with the program's Facilitator (Craig Gilbert) to further discuss the situation.

Player Code of Conduct:

  1. Recognize that playing basketball is a privilege that comes after taking care of responsibilities to your family, your school and your community.
  2. Arrive on-time and be prepared to participate fully (unless injured) at all practices and games.
  3. Honor the rules of every facility in which you play (including picking up after yourself) and demonstrate the highest respect for the property of others. Recognize that you represent yourself, your parents, your teammates and the Program at all times, including before, during and after games.
  4. Exhibit excellent sportsmanship on and off the court and be extremely respectful of your coaches, your teammates, your opponents and the referees. Taunting or disrespectful behavior of any kind is unacceptable!