When will we find out if our son makes a team?

A: Within 24 hours of the last tryout session, tryout numbers given to you at check-in will be posted on our website indicating whether you've made one of our Blue or Gold teams.  If your number is not posted you will not receive and invitation to play, but encourage you to keep practicing and improving your skills.  If your son makes a team, you will receive an email from BYBA asking you to accept the invitation within 24 hours of receiving that message.

How many players will there be on each team?

A: There will be two teams at each level with approximately 10 players per team.

When will practices start?

A: Starting in late October or the first week in November, teams will have practices two times per week.  Coaches will let the teams know exact schedule.

How many games will teams play and are the schedules out vet?

A: Inclusive of tournament play, we anticipate that teams will have somewhere between 20-35 games during the season.  The league schedules will not be available until mid November.  League play for the Eastside Traveling League (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades) will start the first week in December; the ETL season will end with playoffs typically during the first or second weekend of March, and we will conclude the BYBA season with a trip to Seaside OR for a final tournament.

How many tournaments will the teams play in?

A: The coaches of each team will put together their own tournament schedules. We expect that each team will play in a minimum of 3 tournaments. Teams might choose to schedule tournament play during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK weekend and/or mid-winter breaks as well. The season will conclude with a tournament in Seaside, Oregon in March.

What will the costs be for participating in BYBA this season?

A: This years registration fee is $750.00 per player, not including the cost of uniform.  Please note, the $750 BYBA registration fee is non-refundable.  When you register you are taking a position that could have been given to someone else. 

What is the expected commitment level for players?

A: Participation in the Select program must be the player’s top basketball priority (i.e., if a BYBA player plays on another basketball or sports team and there is a conflict between that team and a BYBA practice, game, or other event, BYBA takes priority).  Kids that are involved in other basketball teams and/or other competitive sports should carefully evaluate whether they can realistically make the commitment to this program.  Coaches will communicate to the kids the consequences of missing practices or games.

What other options are there if our son doesn't make the team?
  • Pro Club AAU program: www.proclub.com
  • Emerald City Academy: www.ecbahoops.net
  • Eastside Basketball Club: www.eastsidebasketballclub.com
  • Some ETL programs have an open tryout if you don't live in their district for kids that don't make the ETL team in their own school district. Other programs in the area include Newport, Sammamish, Interlake, Lake Washington and Redmond.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions or comments please email info@bybahoops.org.