BYBA Families and Players-
The 2020/21 season will not be the same model or motion that we have experienced within a normal BYBA season. With schools in a distant learning model and currently in Phase 2, both Eastside Travel League ETL and PEAK are not able to schedule indoor gym space or create a season for BYBA and the neighboring schools.

We have the opportunity to more safely get back to basketball on outdoor courts with a potential 3x3 season. To make this possible we are partnering with our local AAU organization LOCALHOOPS Training Academy! BYBA is excited about the partnership with LOCALHOOPS and hope to deliver a great experience for players skill development and the opportunity to grow their basketball with 3x3 play.  

LOCALHOOPS will administer and organize the season but you will still have the BYBA experience. Our BYBA coaches will coach our BYBA athletes during practices and games. All BYBA players who played the 2019/20 season will have an invitation to play after tryouts. Remaining slots will be available for new players to BYBA. We completely understand if your family is uncomfortable with contact sports during Covid, everyone needs to be very flexible as our county moves in and out of phases. BYBA is doing their best to keep boys active and safe during this unusual time. Please look for more details to follow so you can make the right choice for your athlete.




From Coach Denay-
"Thank you for your patience during these crazy times. I wanted to provide some clarity on main the focus for this season. Traditionally we have formed Blue and Gold teams with the intent to compete at the highest level in both of their respective leagues. This year the sole focus is personal development. We will be holding a try out in conjunction with LocalHoop coaches to form “Pods” of 5 players that all have similar skill levels. We want to place your son in a group that will allow the whole group to learn and comprehend at the same pace. This is to maximize growth during this period. Each “Team” formed will consist of 2 pods. Even through the 3 on 3 structure we will focus on fundamental skill development, and teaching basketball actions that directly translate to 5 on 5. We will match coaches experience and strengths to the level of their pods to ensure the best overall experience for everyone involved. Coaches may rotate with different pods throughout the season. Thank you for your continuous support as we endure these unprecedented times together. We will continue to get these boys ready to play high school basketball as that’s our top priority."



Our season will begin September 16th and conclude the first week of November. Each athlete will have 1 in-person team practice per week. Included in your team registration will be 2 virtual trainings with through LOCALHOOPS Virtual Academy. Feel free to check out their platform here! 



Partnership Details

BYBA athletes will be coached by BYBA coaches. BYBA players will have the opportunity to train with LOCALHOOPS certified trainers and will have access to all LOCALHOOPS services including Virtual Academy, Private Training, Semi-Private Training. Film Study sessions and much more! 



Season Cost

The cost for this season will be $325. The registration fee will also include a reversible jersey for the league. In person Private and Semi-Private Training can also be added to your athletes schedule at any time through LOCALHOOPS or BYBA coaches. Athletes who participate in Fall will retain their position on their roster for Winter season which will begin mid November.





Fall season tryouts will begin Friday September 11th and finish Sunday September 13th Tryouts will be ran by Bellevue Select coaches & LOCALHOOPS staff to best evaluate all athletes interested in playing this year. The cost for tryouts will be $10 per athlete. Our tentative scheduled location will be Chinook Middle School.



3v3 Outdoors

Each 10 man rostered team will practice together each week. Come game time each team will be split into two teams of 5 to play their 3v3 games for the week. Live contact game play will not start until Phase 3. We will start our weekend competitions September 26/27. If we are not in Phase 3 by then, we we will run skills competitions vs our scheduled opponents until we receive clearance to play. 



League Rules

Each team will have a 5 man roster for 3v3 game play. Teams will play a best of 3 series (first team to win 2 games. Games will be played full court for the first two games. If the series record is 1 and 1, the championship game for that day will be moved to half court. This format will be great for athletes to further develop their skills with lots of court time and live reps.



Safety Is Key

Safety is our number 1 priority this season. Here are some of the safety precautions we will be taking to ensure we create the best environment possible for our boys:
- BYBA & LOCALHOOPS will follow ALL CDC Recommended Guidelines for health & safety in regards to outdoor sports.
- All coaches will be wearing masks.
- Athletes hands, and equipment will be sanitized before and after each training, practice and game play session.
- Social distancing will be enforced at practices during Phase 2. 
- Athletes will need to bring their own balls and water bottles to all live events. 
- Regular wellness check-ins will be taken to ensure we are tracking health related issues.


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Our directors & coaches are working to do  everything possible to provide our youth with an opportunity to have a basketball season this year. Our partnership with LOCALHOOPS will provide an excellent platform for all of our athletes to learn and grow this season under a well-structured environment. This season will require us as parents to be more flexible and understanding than ever before with so much uncertainty. One thing we can count on is we have a group of coaches who love working with our athletes and are dedicated to providing our athletes with the best experience possible this year. Sign up today to secure your spot for tryouts this year! See you at the courts.




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